FCL provides customers with international FCL business with high quality and high price advantage. Customers can choose the service scope (door to door, port to port, port to door) and time requirements according to their own needs. We will provide customers with a variety of transportation solutions, including the fastest available shipping schedule and the most economical shipping schedule, and control the goods in real time. Combined with it system, we can meet your tracking and traceability requirements.

We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days .

Support special needs of customers

Restrictions on the specific weight and size of the goods to be transported (if the ship can bear it)
In accordance with customer requirements, accept special business such as hanging suitcases and open top boxes

Quick customs clearance for full cargo space

For the large volume of cargo to ensure the centralized booking, choose the reasonable price of shipping space
Service agreement guarantee
Fast and one stop customs clearance service

Accept special business goods tracking

Electronic booking and online services in cooperation with shipping companies to support rapid transportation and cargo control
Provide real-time cargo tracking and shipment tracking
According to the customer’s requirements, accept special business such as hanging suitcases, refrigerators and open top boxes

Agent customs declaration inspection, packing and sorting

According to customer requirements, equipped with pallets, skateboards, shrink wrap
Provide customs declaration, transshipment supervision, commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine and health inspection services according to customer requirements
Provide packaging and sorting operations for special goods according to customer requirements

Split and merge services

According to the customer’s requirements, we provide the service of splitting goods, as well as the personalized service for customers
Provide reports based on abnormal events according to customer requirements