Professional for manufacturers, trading companies to provide a variety of goods import and export trade agents and customs inspection agents, including import and export declaration, inspection, fumigation and certificate of origin and other business agents or consulting. Customers can choose the service scope and time requirements according to their own needs. With our global service network, we can quickly arrange the receiving, booking, customs declaration and shipping schedule of imported goods, and timely track the dynamic of goods and feedback to customers. Provide related services after the arrival of goods, including order replacement, customs clearance, inspection, door-to-door delivery, etc. At the same time, our company can provide customers with distribution services. We have a distribution warehouse under the supervision of the customs. We can provide customers with a series of services, such as full case unpacking, customs distribution review, etc.

Customs declaration and inspection consultation

Limitation on the specific weight and size of the goods to be transported (if the ship can bear it)
Provide customers with advice on customs, inspection and quarantine procedures

Quick clearance tracking

Fast customs declaration and inspection procedure
Provide real-time cargo tracking and shipment tracking

Acting business and packaging sorting

According to customers’ requirements, we provide customs declaration, supervision of transshipment, commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine and health inspection services
For special cargo packing and sorting operation, short barge service

Distribution service and distribution

According to the customer’s requirements, provide goods distribution services, as well as personalized distribution services for customers
Provide reports based on abnormal events according to customer requirements