General air service provides customers with high-quality transport services with international air transport and domestic air transport as the main body. Customers can Select the service scope (door to door, door to airport, airport to airport, airport to door) and time according to your own needs Please. We will provide customers with a variety of transportation solutions including the fastest and most economical flights available, And in the case of meeting customer needs to maximize customer expectations.

We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days .


Provide booking, delivery, voucher making, customs declaration, commodity inspection, operation, trade agency and other services;
Provide moisture-proof, antimagnetic and shockproof packaging services and dangerous goods identification services for goods;
Airport ground operation and air and land transport supervision services;
Responsible for dynamic tracking and query of goods and providing delivery certificate at destination port;


Adopt flexible price policy and transportation scheme according to different situations, so that all parties can benefit;
Special goods transportation: suitcases, dangerous goods, living animals, valuables, fresh and perishable goods, personal goods, exhibits, repaired goods, imported (imported) materials processing, temporary import and export, transit goods, etc;
Insurance service for international and domestic transportation modes


Specific requirements for goods transported
Weight and size limitations
(if the aircraft can bear it)
On site handover on the same day
Service agreement guarantee
Fast and one-stop customs clearance and inspection service
Provide clear transit time and relevant explanation
Provide voyage tracking service


According to customers’ requirements, we provide customs declaration, supervision of transshipment, commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine and health inspection services
Provide special goods packing and sorting operation and short delivery service according to customers’ requirements
According to the customer’s requirements, we provide the service of splitting goods and the personalized service of assembling and assembling


Ensure the shipping space and transportation project
Customers can track goods information through customer service and online inquiry
Our commitment
Provide tracking service for only one customer
Provide 24-hour full monitoring security guarantee for goods during temporary storage in warehouse